About to launch in howling gale?
Brummel Hooks are bound to fail!

(Peter Mauchan)

Reliable protection against accidental opening of Brummel hook connections.

Who doesn't know it, you secure the Brummel hooks and get ready for the start.
The wind changes and you stop again and wait for better conditions.

While you sit back down on the grass, a Brummel hook has opened unnoticed and is just waiting to make the next flight exciting.

At least this has happened to me several times and I asked myself how I can prevent it, the result is the Brummellocks.
Brummellocks are made of a flexible but very durable plastic and are manufactured using 3D printing.

3D-printed with ❤️

Order Brummellocks
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Brummellock Set blue 7.00€
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Brummellock Set green 7.00€
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Brummellock Set orange 7.00€
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Brummellock Set red 7.00€
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Titanal Brummel hooks (set) 6.00€
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Shipping cost EU 2.00€ 1 2.00€
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Ordering Information

A set consists of two Brummellocks, which are compatible with the Brummel hooks from Finsterwalder&Charly.

Please compare the Brummel hooks on your risers and harness with this illustration, at least one side should look like the photo.

If your Brummel hooks are not compatible, you can also order a matching set.

You can install the Brummellocks either on the Brummel hook of the harness or on the side of the glider.


The Brummelhooks can be installed without having to remove the Brummel hooks.
Simply push the narrow end of the Brummellock firmly over the Brummel hook on the carrying strap, paying attention to the hole offset to the side.

If you have a different Brummel hook on your glider, you can also put the Brummellock on the hooks of your harness or replace a pair with the ones from Finsterwalder&Charly.

When closing, the Brummellock snaps into the slot in the Brummel hook so that it can no longer open on its own.

Safety tip: Brummellock on LuGlidz...

... von Lucian Haas

Es gibt Dinge, die so nützlich sind, dass man sich fragt, warum sie nicht schon früher erfunden wurden. Ein simpler Brummelhakenverschluss zum Beispiel - der Brummellock.